Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma Safety Committee

PURPOSE:  The purpose of the safety committee is to bring employees and directors together to achieve and maintain a safe and healthy work environment.

OBJECTIVE:  To assist in monitoring, improving, and maintaining safety and health for the benefit of the Tribe, Tribal citizens, employees, visitors, and vendors.

SCOPE:  Applies to all Tribal employees.


  • Elect committee members
  • Hold regular meetings at least once each month on a fixed day, at a fixed time and place.
  • Maintain written records of all meetings, including meeting agendas and minutes.  Post minutes and agendas with other employee postings and provide them to each department/entity.
  • Establish a system to obtain and review safety-related suggestions, reports of hazards or other information directly from all persons that would help in creating a safe and healthy environment for the Tribe and/or Tribal enterprise.
  • Establish procedures for investigating all safety-related incidents including injuries, illnesses and deaths for the purpose of recommending corrective action necessary to prevent similar events from occurring.
  • Evaluate policies and procedures, which may affect safety and health and make recommendations for change or adoption of new policies and procedures to appropriate Department personnel.
  • Evaluate safety and health training practices and recommend procedures necessary to ensure that all employees are trained to perform their work in a safe manner to appropriate Department Director.
  • Ensure that facility safety inspections are conducted by the appropriate personnel to locate, identify and document safety and health hazards on a regular basis (i.e., annually) and submit list of recommended corrections to the appropriate Department Director.
  • Make recommendations regarding correction of hazards to the appropriate Department Director and Executive Director.
  • Establish a procedure to review corrective action taken on all safety and health inspection reports and all recommendations made to Executive Director by the committee.



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