Our Goal

The Kickapoo Department of Environmental Programs (KDEP) strives to provide effective environmental programs that promote protection of the environment and human health with respect to surface water, drinking water, air, solid waste, brownfields, underground storage tanks, hazardous waste, emergency response, environmental justice, pesticides, and environmental planning projects.


Our Mission

The mission of the Kickapoo Tribe is to protect and manage the reservation environment for the jurisdictional and/or service area of the Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma. In order to increase protection of its environment, the Kickapoo Tribe established the Kickapoo Department of Environmental Programs (KDEP) in December of 1997. The KDEP is responsible for identifying environmental problems and developing prevention and remediation strategies. To accomplish this mission, the KDEP will adhere to quality assurance activities in order to ensure that all decisions are based on environmental data that is scientifically valid, precise, accurate, complete, representative, comparable, and legally defensible. KDEP will strive to incorporate cultural needs, which is the tradition and heritage of the Kickapoo people into all documents produced for the preservation of the Tribe.